Loads of info…..read on


Now Saturday 17 November 19.30 in the Shed. Please bring food to share and we’ll have a really good party night.


Tesco at Ellesmere has agreed to us bag packing 10.00 to 17.00 on Saturday 26 January – you know the sort of thing, we offer to put people’s shopping iinto their bags at the checkouts and, in gratitude, they fling huge amounts of money into buckets which we then use to buy things we really need


Apologies, the list of all with CRB check forms has been deleted by accident.

Please, please, please

send to Louise at < anne.crawford468@btinternet.com>

the number and issue date of your CRB check. Please note: this does not need to have been issued by the BCU but could have been issued by some other authority, it needs to be an Enhanced Disclosure.

Please, please, please do this now.

We think some people have filled in forms but not received the check back so we will need to raise this with the BCU. If you fall into this category could you let Louise know?

Thank you