Support at pool sessions

Derek Crawford is co-ordinating the coaches for the forthcoming pool paddling session and has asked me to organise assistants at these sessions . We need about half a dozen helpers at each session to aid the paddlers . This consists of physical help for “rollers” , ( you’ll be shown what to do) , help in emptying boats , particularly for the smaller participants , remember a kayak full of water weighs a few hundred pounds , and generally encouraging them in their efforts . I’ll be down at the club this Saturday or you can contact me on 01691 658981 . Let’s get the 10 weeks , Sats 1600 to 1800 hrs , off to a good start . The club relies on volunteers , this is your chance to help , I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and learn in the process . So come on “foot soldiers ” , its clean and warm and wet!

Cheers Dave M