Shropshire Paddlesport: Fwd: Dovedale open for canoeing

Hi, For the last two years, I have been independently campaigning for access. I have pushed back the Environment Agency, Natural England, and the Angling Trust to the point where they are unable to interfere with navigation, not legally anyway, I am now pushing hard at Defra’s door. see my website for details. Now the first domino has fallen *Dovedale and Wolfscote Dale open for canoeing* As of the 14th March 2013 the public right of navigation has been asserted on the river Dove. There is no legal impediment to any form of navigation on the river and access is assured since the banks are either the verges of a highway (public footpath) or land over which the public have a right to roam. The public right of navigation means that ;- 1. Fishermen and fisheries interests have no powers whatsoever to impede navigation. 2. Natural England has no powers whatsoever to impede navigation under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. 3. The Environment Agency has no remit since they are not the statutory navigation authority 4. The titles of the riparian owners (mostly the National Trust) are encumbered, by the laws of conveyancing, with a public right of navigation, since this existed before the notion of private ownership of rivers entered the mind of man. 5. The only person who may stop you, question you concerning your activities, or ask you to identify yourself is a police officer under the same powers they would have in the street. Anyone claiming to be a police officer should be able to produce a warrant card. 6. The river is a public place so anyone seeking to prevent you from going about your lawful business would be committing a public order offence and the police should be called. 7. Any notices purporting to restrict navigation have no legal status whatsoever and may be ignored. My efforts have secured 10km of canoeing in some of the most beautiful and iconic scenery in England. Go out there and enjoy! Details and river guide to be found on my website The heavy stuff on the river guide is a deterent to to unlawful actions not to put people off. Could you please pass this on to your members. Any question, feel free to ask me. 3 Posters attached Regards Andy