Shropshire Paddlesport: Saturday Morning Sessionb and 3 Year Planning Meeting

Good evening Firstly can I thank all those members who came along to the session today and then stayed for the meeting afterwards and to those who supplied the food. I think it was really good meeting and we now have a lot of different ideas to go forward to build our 3 year plan, from discipline specific to general club ideas along with ideas and plans for more trips and expeditions and we also have the beginnings of 3 year environmental plan. Thsi is a great start so many thanks to you all. If yopu were not able to attend this morning and wish to contribute you are most welcome, just email me with your ideas and plans and I will build them into the overall plan. We were looking at the following: Recreational (Open Boating / General Paddling) Marathon Canoe Polo Slalom Flat Water Racing (Sprint) Freestyle Wild Water Racing /River Racing Trips / Expeditions Environmental Plan Will will also be looking at building a plan about our work with schools and colleges i.e. how can we engage better with schools, colleges and youth groups, we started the work with these groups last year but we need to keep moving on. We need ideas on how we grow our membership, how do we operate going forward with persons with disabilities etc. There are no bad ideas, so please email me any ideas you may have and please do not think somebody else would have suggested that, send it in they may not have. Many thanks to you all. Kind Regards Bob