Shropshire PaddleSport: three important messages

Mallard, Crickheath, Oswestry SY10 8BJ
01691 831069

1      Paddle to Nature next meeting 11 January

2      Paddle Out Sessions – Saturday mornings

1 All paddlers are advised to tow their open boat to a lower boading site rather than entering the boat by the Shed.

2 The attendance of coaches at the Saturday morning sessions is voluntary. However, the presence of suffiencient coaches is essential for the session to take place.

3 Without sufficent coaches no child shall be allowed on the water in an SPS boat. Adults using SPS equipment are allowed to paddle between the two bridges.

3       Grievance/Disciplinary/Appeals procedure

The grievance is reported to the chair or the CWO  (Kate or Kev).

A committee, composed of two directors, the CWO and a committee member, discusses the grievance  and decides on necessary action.

If the grievance leads to the need for a disciplinary committee this will be composed of the other two directors and two committee members. This meeting will be attended by the person who is the object of the action who may bring a supporter who will not be allowed to contribute.

The directors are Kate, Andrew, Mike and Bob.