There are many types of paddling, open boats to white water, sea kayaking to slalom! which is right for you? Below is a brief description of some of the disciplines we practise at Shropshire Paddlesport

PLACID WATER KAYAKING OR CANOEING for those who wish to stay dry or improve their general fitness by Touring or Racing

MARATHON AND MOVING WATER RACING (The fitness training for both these events has similarities except one race over flat water and the other on white water.)

SLALOM where competitors negotiate gates on Canals and grades of White Water at various sites around the Country.

RECREATIONAL PADDLING for those wishing not to compete but just take things at a leisurely pace Touring Placid or White Water Rivers.

POLO: for the more energetic of us that like to get wet and work hard we have a polo team in development. They practice on Saterday mornings during the Go Paddleing session

BELLBOATING (6 metre twin hull catamaran type boat propelled by single blades carrying between 8-16 crews.)

We hope to see you soon and hope that we can help you achieve what you want to in the world of paddlesport. Enjoy yourselves, have fun and stay safe.

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