Tit-Tanic Coracle World Champions 2023 - World Record Breaking Time

Coracle World Championships – Shrewsbury for Macmillan Cancer – 2023

The Coracle World Champiohships Race Shrewsbury fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support at Pengwern Boat Club Shrewsbury.

What a day. Despite the extreme heat the teams knocked it out of the park! Tit-anics – Anita, Alex, Carole and Erica won and also smashed the world record! ???? They looked very determined on the water.

A very credible second in the final came the Old Folks (Bill, Ed, Sian and Gari) with a combined age 200+. An awesome achievement in itself.

Turtle Power (Claire, Maria, Mandy & Carol) did really well in the semi-finals as the competition was tough.

Very many thanks go to our sponsors Winston Farm – see the photo for more details and thanks to Ed for encouraging them to support us.

All in all a fantastic day for the club and the announcer even did a promo for us. So if you want to get into paddling (what ever craft you fancy – we even do sea kayaking!) drop us a line at enquiries@shropshirepaddlesport.org – we would love to see you.

The Teams

Tit-Tanics - Alex, Erica, Carole, Anita
The Old Folks with a combined age of 200+ years
Turtle Power - A very credible 7th placement

The Competition