The “Big one” in brief

Day 1: The team were up early and all ready to get on the water by 10am. Neptune's steps was a good workout but lunch recharged the batteries. After reaching the end of today's paddle the portage to the campsite was aborted in favour of wild camping.

Day 2: Started at 9am on the water ready to cross loch lochy. The weather was sunny, almost too sunny. We did find a pub for lunch though to spur us on. Even managed to get the sails up for a while in the afternoon. A good 10 miles done. Time to rest ready for tomorrow.

Day 3: Going to be a hot one again today on our way towards Nessie.

Day 4: loch ness to see Nessie!

Day 5: Loch Ness part 2. The day started early 9am and we made good progress along the shores of loch ness. However after our stop at the castle the wind picked up and made the rest of the day a long hard slog. Finally getting off the water at 8pm at the campsite. Last day tomorrow (Friday) heading for Inverness.

Day 6: After camping on the canal bank at a trailblazer stop the team were again on the water at 9 keen to reach the end. A road swing bridge that we had to limbo under was an interesting feature. Mooring the boats at the top of the lock gates in Inverness we walked down to the see completing our Big One for this year. Fort William to Inverness. 60 miles, 3 loch, The Caledonian Canal.