1 To tell all your female friends about the women and girls’ sessions to be run by Jessica Hosie, first one 9 June 12.00.

2 To take part in the Oslympics parade on 30 June. You will need to hand out leaflets, wear a bouyancy aid or an SPS T- shirt, possibly carry a paddle or tow one of the sit-ons. SEE Andrew Leggatt if you are willing to volunteer.

3 To help with food, marshalling etc on Race Day 1 July. See Dave Barnes.

4 To help with the All-day Taster Session on 14 July. We may need help with organizing activities – see Dave Barnes, or with food – see Kate Jinks.

5 To stop parking your car in the Parking Places layby. Please move all cars after unloading to the car parks opposite the Queen’s Head. The small tarmacked layby is owned by the club but was intended to be for disabled parking and will soon be painted with the appropriate symbols.

6 To remember to wipe your boat down before storing it. We used to do this and then stopped. We need to start again. Joe will be getting some more sponges.

7 to donate a radio you no longer use to the young people who want one. See Matt Whittle.

Thank you


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