1/3 24.5.12

Annual General Meeting

24 June 2012


Present: Dave Barnes, Bob Batts, Derek Crawford, Anita Evans, Craig Harding, Dorothy Haughton, Kate Jinks, Andrew Leggatt, Mike Seager, Gari Sumner, Joe Whittle, Matthew Whittle, Mike Stokes, Sandra Homewood, Susie Hancock

1 Apologies: Louise Crawford, Giles Frankling, Adam Bowles

2 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted as an accurate record.

3 Chair’s Report

Kate handed out copies of her report. A summary follows:

This had been a successful year with the club opening, the canoe–camp trip, the annual marathon, the Paddlethon and the use of the club for social events and courses. Once again successful pool sessions had been run. She thanked all the volunteers without whose efforts none of this would have been possible and mentioned in particular: Mike Seager, Dave Matthews, Bob Batts, Joe Whittle, Derek Crawford, Craig Harding, Andrew Leggatt, Phil Bevan, all the coaches and the cleaning crew.

4 Treasurer’s Report

Andrew handed out copies of his accounts. A summary follows:

Income £10,510 Expenditure £7,903

Balance @ 30.4.12 £7,529.52

Club Development Account £1,063.96

Grants Account £537.96

The profit made this year includes a grant of £1,000 from Shropshire Council.

2/3 24.5.12

We have an outstanding water bill from Severn Trent, the amount is not yet known.

That the accounts be accepted was proposed by Susie and seconded by Kate and agreed unanimously.

5 Building Fund Report

Mike confirmed that we had £1,063.96 in the account.

6 Election of Officers

Office Proposed Seconded

Chairman Kate Jinks Bob Derek

Treasurer Andrew Leggatt Craig Dave M

Club Secretary Bob Batts Joe Mike S

Meeting Secretary Dorothy Haughton Bob Susie

Membership Secretary Giles Frankling Andrew Bob

Senior Coach Adam Bowles Andrew Derek

Club Facilities Manager Joe Whittle Craig Mike St

& Co-ordinator

Junior Representative Matthew Whittle Dorothy Andrew

Youth Officer Gari Sumner Dorothy Joe

Club Welfare Officer Louise Crawford Kate Bob

Volunteer Co-ordinator Craig Harding Derek Susie

Polo Co-ordinator Gari Sumner Kate Mike St

Slalom Co-ordinator Anita Evans Dorothy Kate

Club Race Organizer Dave Barnes Bob Derek

Sprint Co-ordinator Dave Barnes Kate Joe

Lightnings & Marathon Dave Barnes Kate Bob


Recreation Co-ordinator Kate Jinks Dorothy Dave B

Open Boats Co-ordinator Derek Crawford Kate Craig

Club Coach Development Mike Seager Andrew Dorothy


All were elected unanimously.

3/3 24.5.12

7 Participation Coach Report

As Adam was not present Bob reported in his stead.

The British Canoe Union had asked if the club wanted a Participation Coach in 2009. Adam was appointed half way through 2010. The BCU pays

him a wage to which the club contributes. He has 11 targets to meet, eight of which he met in his first year, and now, half way through his second year he has achieved five. He works 6 hours per week for 48 weeks for the club and his input is monitored by Bob and Derek. He works with schools and will also be offering coaching to club mornings on some Monday evenings and Saturday mornings: the dates of these will be posted on the noticeboard, and will be organising two river trips, one on the Severn and one on the Wye. He will be running ergo sessions on the Oswestry Campus and at Llanymynych. Adam also helps Bob with Self Unlimited, the group with learning difficulties.

8 Any Other Business

1 Jessica Hosie is planning to run sessions for women and girls, the first one will be on 9 June starting at 12.00.

She is also going to run a stand for the club at the Shrewsbury River Festival on 3 June.

2 GLOD, an adventure holiday company, will once again be using the club’s facilities to store boats.

3 The Sports and Leisure Councillor, Steve Chandler is keen to support the club.

4 Shropshire Council offers printing services and can print pull-up screens.

Kate closed the meeting by reiterating her thanks to all who had worked to make the club so successful

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