Shropshire Paddlesport: Fwd: Polo @ PGL

By popular demand, the next PGL session is this Wednesday 31 July:

There are 6 assorted polo boats & PGL plastic paddles on site. Some
BAs, hats with faceguards & spare decks will be there but if at all
possible please bring boats and your personal kit.

I won’t be attending but Rob, Lucy & Daisy will be there, and I’m
expecting more of the PGL paddle club to give it a go. Last week we had
Tom Killcross, Sam Wilson, & Brad Hughes join in a demo game, so if you
see them or Ali Griffiths, our PGL contact, say Hi & sort them out with
some coaching & friendly matches.

Happy paddling,
SCC Polo Rep

PS: The new boats

won’t be there this week unless we arrange some extra transport.

PPS: Mr.Griffiths may wish to print copies of the attached overview of
the rules & signals for his interested paddlers?

doc icon Polo-Shropshire-2013.doc