Shropshire Paddlesport: Shrewsbury & Shropshire Canoe Polo

Dear Paddlers,

Here’s a quick round-up for canoe polo as we switch from our summer
programme to the swimming pool & winter league season.

First a warm welcome to the next generation of paddlers with Gemma & Al
Black’s new baby boy – Brendan – born on Monday 12 August, joining Anita
(Bennett) & John Evans’s recent addition. Departing, only to the South,
is Sophie Austin who’s got herself a job 150 miles closer to her
boyfriend. Congratulations all round.

** Note: There will be no river session at Frankwell this Monday *due to
the bank holiday but they will resume for a few weeks from 2 Sept. So
get there early to make the most of the daylight…and admire the shiny
new green boats & paddles:
We now have the 4 Small & 1 Large ForceX kayaks, but await the 3
experimental ‘larger paddler’ boats from Nomad.

* PGL Wednesdays continue for the next two/three weeks or so:

* There’s three different local tournament coming up:
– Sat 31 Aug – Queens Head mini-tournament
– Sat 7 Sept – Shrewsbury Inaugural tournament
– Sun 6 Oct – Trentham Invitational (attached)

* Pool sessions will resume from 8pm Monday 23 Sept with some
introductory sessions for newer paddlers to try out the indoor game in
the 25m Priory Pool, Quarry Leisure Centre. But first we’ve got to put
in the wall fixings to take the eight new boats – any help on the
evening of Tuesday 27 Aug will be appreciated.

* The league seasons will soon start:
– National Division 3 (SW/Central) games from end of Sept under Capt.
Chris Hudson
– North West Regional Div4 tournament (dates to be announced), Capt.
Al Black
– Wildcatz Ladies got enough women to field a Div 2 team so won’t be
needing any help from the Salopian Ladies

Please reply to this email with any feedback from the summer or
questions or requests.