Shropshire PaddleSport: Shrewsbury Canoe Polo – Tournament Results & information

Click here to see who won:
And get yourselves along here on Moday, if you’d like to have a go at
polo, or general paddling:
There’s two more rivers sessions, 9 & 16 Sept, before the polo Mondays
resume in the Priory pool on 23 Sept (8-9pm) and the pre-booked, general
pool sessions start on Tuesday 24 Sep.
The first polo pool session on 23rd will be aimed at the A & B team
members who will be competing on Sat 28 Sept in Cheltenham & Liverpool
respectively. Feel free to come along see what’s like.
The second polo session, 30 sept, will be for people who’d like to try
it out indoors and those who are developing theirs skills – paddle &
hand rolling, boat & ball control, passing & shooting.
Let me know whether you’ll be attending either session so we can keep
the numbers balanced.