Shropshire Paddlesport: Canoe & Kayak Slalom


At Shropshire Paddlesport we train in the turning circle on the canal. Gates are hung above the turning circle and training involves practicing various manoeuvres for example breakouts, staggers, spin and ‘S’ turns through the gates. By repeating a course set out we develop strength, speed and good technique.

Slalom is an ideal sport for gaining confidence on white water and getting great at manoeuvring your kayak or canoe skilfully.


Nearby Mile End Mile on the River Dee is a great place to progress to moving water to practice slalom skills .

Slalom competitions are held from March to October on various rivers or artificial slalom courses throughout the UK.

If you are interested, canoe slalom competitions start on gentle moving water in div 4 and progresses to on to more challenging water as you get promoted.

SLALOM COmpetitions

Slalom Competitions in the lower divisions you get to practice first and then you have two runs against the clock. It’s the best time that is submitted. 
The rules are fairly simple. For instance, you get a 2 second penalty for touching the pole. 50 second penalty if you miss a gate or go the wrong way through it. The green gates are downstream gates and red are upstream. The gates need to done in sequence.

We have a number of club slalom canoes for you to try and we are getting support from North Wales Slalom. For more information please go to: