Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

Standup Paddle boarding or ‘SUP’ for short is one of the fastest growing waters sports. Using a very large, stable board (similar to a surfboard) and a single blade paddle you can navigate your way along coastlines, rivers and lakes. Experienced riders can also surf the waves on them.You can paddle on your knees or on your feet if you have the balance. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and an enjoyable means of getting some good exercise.


So how long does it take learn. Everybody is different and the conditions on the day can greatly effect how quickly you will learn the basics. In calm conditions most adults will learn to effectively knee paddle in the first 10 minutes and be stand up paddling within half an hour. So after initial training on the canal you can look forward to developing your skills on a trip on the local rivers.

SUP White Water

With Jackfields rapids on the River Severn & Bala Mill on the River Dee close by we can give the adventurous more of a challenge and you can test yourself on white water.

So how do you get to do standup paddle boarding?  Come along to our Saturday morning sessions by sending an email to Tell us what you have already done and we can help you achieve your goals.