Shropshire Paddlesport: White Water Rafting

Learn To Raft

At Shropshire Paddlesports we have been loaned two R6 Bull Rafts from British Rafting with the aim to increase participation in the raft race series in the UK. For raft racing we train both on the Montgomery Canal to hone technique and gain strength and speed and also on the nearby River Dee where the raft racers practice moves like ferry glides, high crosses, breakouts and spin manoeuvres that they will need to use in competition. We also practice flip drills… case in a race it all goes wrong!


Over the last 12 months Andy and Ken have been developing their raft leadership skills. This means they can lead on the exciting bits of the Dee from Horseshoe Falls down to Town falls.

If you are interested, please speak to Andy and Ken as you don’t require much paddlesport experience to take part and its a lot of fun.

RAFTing COmpetitions

Raft Racing in the UK is one of the main focuses of British Rafting – a branch of British Canoeing. The raft race series are events held across the UK at places such as Holme Pierrepont, Cardiff White Water and Canolfan Tryweryn. These events are open to both professional and amateur teams. A raft race consists of 4 events which teams compete in to gain points. At the end of the competition these points are added together to give an overall placing.

Pictured here on the front right is our own Anita Evans