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Youth Development – Summer Club August 2023

This summer the club held 3 fabulous family days in the summer holidays.

Our Grandchildren age4 and 6 became members of the club at the beginning of the holidays ( £5 each because their Grand parents were full paid Adult members) and attended 2 of the 3 days.

They had a fabulous time and had a go in Kayaks and open boats rafted together. They played stick in the mud and tag as well as learning the basics of paddling a kayak. They were keen to return the following week and happily climbed back in the boats and even had a swim.

The club has sessions on Saturday mornings. This week they bought their Mum along. The six year old had 2 hrs paddling with her Grandad in a kayak. The 4 year old took his mum in an open boat and a club coach paddled alongside and taught her how to paddle the open boat.

The club has all the kit to make this a safe and fun few hours. The boats, paddles and buoyancy aids are provided. All we had to do was bundle them in the car ready to have fun and perhaps get a little wet.

This article was written by Raquel Bennett

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