This information is about Shropshire Paddlesport Club based in Oswestry where we offer canoe, kayaking, white water, sea kayaking, marathon, rafting, coracle and wave hopper!

White Water Rafting Team with SPS

Riding the Rapids: Shropshire Paddlesport Club’s Journey into White Water Raft Racing

2023 has been a transformative year for the Shropshire Paddlesport Club, as it delved into the exciting realm of White Water Raft Racing. Kick-started by the loan of a second R6 Bull Raft from British Rafting, the club has seen a surge in participation. A highlight was the completion of raft guide training on the River Dee, where three members achieved the Grade 2 Raft Guide Qualification, enabling the club to safely introduce novices to white water thrills. Regular training sessions on the canal have built strength and technique, preparing members for more challenging waters. Notably, a newly formed female team competed in the British Open Euro Cup and the National Selection event at Lee Valley, achieving significant successes and propelling two members to the upcoming IRF World Rafting Championships in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Adding further to its capabilities, the club recently gained qualifications to offer training and award Personal Performance Awards in various raft racing disciplines. This advancement, supported by expert training from Jon Best of Rapid Horizons, resulted in four members earning their River Raft Race Awards. With these new qualifications and a focus on inclusive and competitive training, Shropshire Paddlesport Club is eagerly anticipating the next race in Matlock and remains committed to participating in all British Rafting development days and races, continually enhancing the rafting experience for its members.

Sea Kayaking - Mawddach Estuary

Sea Kayaking – Mawddach Estuary Paddle

Great day out sea kayaking on the Mawddach Estuary. The weather was cold but, for the main part, dry. On the way back, we had some wind funnelling through the narrow part, which created some waves to punch through — 20 km with an average of 6km/hour. +4

Shropshire Paddlesport White Water Kayaking

Shropshire Paddlesports – White Water Kayaking

Paddlers and friends from the club went up to enjoy a weekend of paddling in the lake district. Despite cold temperatures and snowy conditions a good time was had by all. Rivers paddled included EDEN GRETA (twice) CRAKE (trees) LUNE. Looking to do more? Join us? Find out more: